About Us

Taxis United Limited

We at Taxis United Limited are committed to providing you with the best local taxi service in Auckland. We care about you and your safe journey. Our professional drivers are committed to providing you with the best local taxi service in New Zealand at the best rates. It takes only a few minutes to reach Taxis United’s Cab on your doorstep in a clean and safe environment with friendly and professional drivers.


Papakura’s transport history changed in 1912 when the first horseless taxi, the Ford Tin Lizzie, was introduced. Owned by Mr Parkinson, the proprietor of the Papakura Hotel, the vehicle became an instant success.

Over sixty years after these early pioneering days, Papakura Taxis joined forces with their neighbors, Manurewa Taxis, to become United Taxis Ltd. A stretch of houses and light industry joined the two townships almost surreptitiously, where once there were two distinct towns separated by five kilometers of farmland. The amalgamation seemed sensible, and it proved to be the right one.

Why Us?


Choosing Taxis United gives the passenger the best choice in terms of cost, comfort, and adaptability. On one hand, he can pick from taxis, maxi vans, or buses, depending on the conditions.

Providing only the best services

On top of the entire Taxis, United Ltd offers an approved quality of drivers and vehicles, which are guaranteed through a top-quality monitoring system. Passengers can relax and trust the driver and the car’s cleanliness. In addition to the streamlined booking process via the Internet and mobile app, Taxis United offers a hassle-free e-payment and billing process as well.


When you travel to an unknown place and need a ride to a hotel, you usually don’t know whether the taxi you take is safe. with us, all that happens ahead of time. Additionally, you can make the trip as custom as you like, e.g., you can tell us how much luggage you will be carrying during the booking, and we will choose the car that fits your needs.